Wedge of Mull Cheese and Hebridean Blue on an old cheese follower

The Cheese Only Selection

This selection is your ready made Mull Cheeseboard. It contains all our different cheeses, perfect for a night in with friends or family, or just a delicious selection for a cheese enthusiast.

Additional Information

Each selection contains -

1 x Medium wedge of Isle of Mull (approx 350-410g)
1 x Medium wedge of Hebridean Blue (approx 375-410g)
1 x 200g waxed whisky cheese
1 x 200g portion of smoked cheese

Best Before dates are 90 days from the date we cut the cheese for the Isle of Mull, and 45 days for the Blue.  Cutting the cheese usually only takes place a few days before the order is posted.

All weights are approximate. 

The cheese is best stored in the fridge.  Remove and leave at room temperature a few hours before eating!

How best to enjoy your Isle of Mull Cheese

Follow these really simple steps to get the very best from your Isle of Mull Cheese.


Always serve before pudding


Store between 8 °C and 15°C


Allow the cheese to breathe


Bring to room temperature before serving