Isle of Mull Spirit

Spirit made naturally, by us. All on our farm.

Our Isle of Mull spirit has been a labour of love, a once far away goal that has now has a special space, sat alongside our cheese and pork, as part of our farm produce bounty.

Whey based spirit is fairly unique, with most spirits being grain based. We have been wanting to do something with the sweet whey from the cheesemaking, for as long as we have been making cheese. We considered a number of uses for our whey, before deciding, what more could go better, than a punchy spirit to sit alongside our spicy cheeses.

Distilled from Milk

During the cheesemaking process, our milk is turned into curds and whey. The curds form the cheese, and the whey creates the spirit.

We separate the remaining cream from the whey, then transferring the crisp clean whey into fermenting tanks. We add a special yeast that we have grown. This feeds on the lactose, producing alcohol. We then distil through a Wash Still and then the Column still, adding botanicals only to our Coo J'N gin. Our Sgriob-ruadh vodka and Cheesemakers Strength vodka retain the natural flavours of the sweet whey.

As the whey is full of natural flavour we do not distil to the extreme levels Vodka and Gin normally go to, choosing instead to retain the smooth texture and natural vanilla notes from the milk. only spring water is infused to create Sgriob-ruadh and Cheesemakers Strength.

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