Portion of Hebridean Blue cheese on an old cheese follower with a pear

Hebridean Blue

Our Hebridean Blue is made in 7kg cheeses. It is a semi-soft blue, punchy, wonderfully rich and creamy, with a long lasting taste and many layers of flavour.

It is made with raw cows milk, produces a lovely natural rind and is around 8 weeks old when sold.

Additional Information

Best Before dates are 45 days from the date we cut the cheese. Cutting the cheese usually only takes place a few days before the order is posted.

  • All our cheese is cut by hand from whole cheeses, so the weights are approximate.
  • The blueing of our cheese can vary batch to batch, some may be whiter and some with more blue marbling. They all taste delicious, the variations making each cheese unique. 

Small wedge : 180g to 240g

Medium wedge : 375g to 410g
Large wedge : 750g to 810g

How best to enjoy your Isle of Mull Cheese

Follow these really simple steps to get the very best from your Isle of Mull Cheese.


Always serve before pudding


Store between 8 °C and 15°C


Allow the cheese to breathe


Bring to room temperature before serving


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