A couple of Waxed Mull with Ledaig Whisky cheeses 200g on an old cheese follower

Isle of Mull Waxed Flavells

The waxed flavells are made using our Isle of Mull Cheese, but pressed into a smaller form and then coated in wax. They have a drier and crumblier texture than the portions cut straight from a whole cheese. 

We offer a plain waxed flavell or one which has local Tobermory Ledaig Whisky mixed through.



Adittional Information

These waxed cheeses are a bit more sensitive to the heat than the portions as they are a bit softer and can get warm in the wax easily. They are best stored in the fridge and taken out at least half an hour before serving. They also make a lovely gift.

How best to enjoy your Isle of Mull Cheese

Follow these really simple steps to get the very best from your Isle of Mull Cheese.


Always serve before pudding


Store between 8 °C and 15°C


Allow the cheese to breathe


Bring to room temperature before serving


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