Mull and Hebridean Blue Cheese Island Bakery biscuits on a plate

Cheese and Biscuit Selection

A selection of our core cheeses and your choice of Island Bakery Biscuits to accompany. The perfect evening set up. Our cheese goes beautifully with the family made oatcakes, pick the cheese biscuits if you fancy something more savoury or a sweet biscuit option for an after cheese treat. 

Additional Information

Cheese Selection :

Medium wedge of Isle of Mull (approx. 350-410g)

Medium wedge of Hebridean Blue (approx. 375-410g)

2 x boxes of Island Bakery Biscuits of your choice.
Choose from: Lemon melts, Chocolate Gingers, Lime Melts, Shortbread, Orange Melts, Apple Crumbles, Oat Crumbles, Blondie Choccacinos, Plain Cheese Biscuit, Harissa Cheese Biscuit, Onion and Thyme Cheese Biscuit, or Walkers Highland Oatcakes.

Please fill in the 'Special instructions for seller' area at the bottom of your order with your biscuit selection from above.