Sgriob-ruadh 1980 Looking South East

Wondering where to start

Sheep used to graze the top floor of the house

The first roof was for the cows.

The milk crates doubled as scaffold

Another day and the roof was ready to sleep under. Under another tarpaulin.

Matthew, Jeff, Garth, Joe, Brendan at Salen Show

One of several peat bogs to get stuck in

Jimmy rebuilding one of many stone dykes.

The farm in 1989. Building our third barn.

1993 and we have built another cow shed. On the left of the picture.

Sgriob-ruadh 1997

Sgriob-ruadh 2004

Sgriob-ruadh from the west

The heifer building going up at Killiechronan

All the cows now sleep on mattresses

Findlay helping to build our most recent shed in 2002.

Building the shed over the Draff clamp and miden.

Looking North West to Ben Hiant.

The herb garden from the dairy door.

The milking parlour is through the window at the top middle of the photo.

Looking South East about 2002.

Putting the last piece of roof on the cheese cellar in 1995

The new dairy from the south.


Stopping for a rest and enjoy the scenery while driving to Ulva to deliver some Draff from Tobermory Distillery.


Our silage fields in the foreground

Ben More is on the right.

Those were the days

Detail of one of the cheese presses

Christine Reade cutting the curd

The cheese is cheddaring here

Here Jeff Reade is pressing the cheese.

Cheese Press

Kay cartoning the milk

Building the new dairy in 2001

Building part of our energy store.

The Heat exchanger

The Swimming pool.

The Cheese Vat

Cutting the curd

Running the curds and whey into the cheese cooler.

Wheying off

The start of the cheddaring process



Filling the moulds



Presses and cheeses



The Lift

The dairy



Isle of Mull Cheese

More Mull cheese

A closer view

Checking the stock

The milkers

Cows coming home.

Running to get milked

Winter houseing

Milking the sheep

Small Vat

Ewes cheese draining

Tobermory Ewes milk

Cheese Leaflet

Making silage


A job well done


Slurry Separator

Delivering Draff

Saying Hello

Rooting / Ploughing


Discussing Organics

Tortured by the photographer