Isle of Mull Cheese

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Traditional Isle of Mull Cheese

Gold Medal winner World Cheese awards 2011

 Traditionally made Isle of Mull

Matured for up to 18 months 

Cut to order from 50 Lb. Cloth bound cylinders

x 100g.   16.50/Kg

x 250g.   15.60/g

x 500g.    15.40/Kg

x 750g.    15.20/Kg

x 1Kg.      15.00/Kg

x 24.5Kg.    11.50/Kg

Hebridean Blue Cheese

Silver Medal winner World Cheese awards 2011

 Hebridean Blue

Made here on the farm 

Cut to order from 15 Lb cylinders

x 200g.   16.50/Kg

x 420g.   15.50/Kg

x 850g.    15.50/Kg

x 3.5Kg.   14.50/Kg

x 7Kg.      12.00/Kg

 Cloth Bound Tobermory Truckles


Hand-made, Traditional Farmhouse Cheeses, Fully matured for up to 1 year. 400g  6.95 each

700g  10.95 each

 Isle of Mull Flavells

Specially selected "Isle of Mull", Coated in Wax, and to which has been added one of these natural flavours:-

Plain 200g 3.90 each
Plain 400g 5.95 each
Ledaig Whisky from Tobermory Distillery 3.95 each



All the cheese is Hand Cut. You will almost certainly receive larger portions than asked for!

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Postage is charged at around the rate that the Post Office will charge.

For Orders out of the UK please contact us as the Web site is unable to calculate the cost.

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