There are many "cheese" books available from around the world, varying from the highly technical to the absolute basic, and even the downright ridiculous.

If I were to recommend just one it would be "The Fabrication of Farmstead Goat Cheese".

This little book, written by Jean-Claude Le Jaouen, should not be dismissed simply as a book for Goat's milk cheesemakers.
The book is passionately accurate and whatever type of cheese you make, or would like to make, you will find more help here than in any other publication that I have ever come across.

It is available in Britain from : Neals Yard Dairy. Tel: 0171 379 7646.

In the U.S from publishers: Cheesemakers' Journal. P.O. Box 85. Ashfield. MA 01330.
On the Web from : The New England cheesemaking Supply Company.

For the more advanced or technically minded I recommend ...........

R.Scott: Cheesemaking Practice: I understand this is now re-printed in the US.


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