The re-development of Sgriob-ruadh Farm

Home of Isle of Mull Cheese.

Above left - The farm as we bought it in 1981.

Above - The roof over the cows was first!

Left - Roofing part of the house 1 year later

Left - This aerial photo was taken in 1982, A new shed (to us) was built to house the animals in the winter, 2 weeks after it was finished -- the roof blew off. 80ft x 40ft of tin blew over the house and landed in the yard on the right. Fortunately a small section remained about ¼ of it.
1986 Well it's beginning to look like a farm now. The farm buildings are being extended for the third time and we are milk about 40 cows. At the time very little cheese was being made as most of the milk was being sold as liquid to Mull and the neighbouring islands Coll, Tiree and Iona even some to the mainland.
1993 Missed a few years. We don't know where they went either. Another shed for the cows (on the left of the photo) The house though was still uncompleted, it still looked like the previous picture.

Above - A couple of pictures of making silage. Winter feed for the cows, silage is basically pickled grass.

Left - Trainees for the future

The Farm today, May 1999.

The house is finished and we have a greenhouse on the right hand side.

The cheese is stored in our cellar, this is the white rectangle in centre front of the photo


Try some cheese